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Storybook Themed Challenge: Peter Pan

Photo: Tumblr

Today sees the end of our storybook theme challenge. Boohoo!
If you remember we did Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Cinderella and Alice in Wonderland.

Todays prompt was selected by yours truly, purely because it has always been a favorite for my boy and I. I remember weekends of laying under the blankets and watching this movie on repeat.

Photo: Movie Posters

We love Peter Pan and we love this movie!
We love the clever quips, the tender love story and the sense of adventure it unleashes.

I must be honest, my favorite part of the Peter Pan story (in general) is the ever loving Tinkerbell.
I mean, what's not to love about Tink?
She looks gorguess in her little dress and has the most adorable high bun. #notopknot
She flies. (Flying always scores you points)
She has a near perfect side fringe (bangs).
She has attitude.
She has fairy dust.
Peter Pan loves her and other fairies wants to be her (I'm sure).

Photo: Planetrenders
So she was my inspiration for this weeks prompt, without doubt.
See see:

I started off with my Catrice base coat as per usual.
Then 2 layers of Essence Nude Glam 01 Cotton Candy on every finger except for my ring finger which has 2 coats of Essence The Gel 44 On Air - a pretty gold shimmer color.
IMO it goes on really well and looks amazangk on your nails! (FYI: "Amazangk" is the same as "amazing" but just better).

You'll see that I did a freehand french mani with the Essence Colour and Go 190 Kiss me, Freddy on my pointy, middle and pinky nails. Its a really pretty green colour which reminded me of Peter Pan. Right?
So cool.
I then used my nail art brush do the fairy dust on every other finger.
Topped it off with a gel coat and taa daaaa!
So easy.
So pretty.
I want to eat it.

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