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Storybook Themed DIY Challenge: Cinderalla nails {And first attempt at nail art sticker}

Nee hoor, hierdie meisies is kwaai!
"What on earth are you talking about?!" I hear you say.
Well I just popped over to the other 3 bloggerable ladies who are doing the storybook challenge with me and I am so super impressed with what they came up with for this weeks challenge: Cinderella.

In case you didnt know, we are doing a challenge where we choose a childrens storybook every week to centre our DIY and Crafts around it. Last week we did Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

For this weeks challenge I knew I wanted to do something with a shoe. Right?
I mean, Cinderalla = Shoes. Duh.
Everyone knows that shoes play a big role in the life of Cindy, as they should.

I saw this as a fantastic opportunity to use the Sinful Colors Love Sprinkles again. I had used it on a previous challenge earlier this week and I liked it so much that I soma used the same color scheme and errthang for Cindererlla. Whaaat? I'm a mom of a teeny tiny little diva... bail me.

So for this mani I started off with my Catrice base coat to protect my nails and then applied 2 coats of Essence The Gel 37 Serendipity which is a pretty grey color. I then applied 1 coat of Essence 104 Sweet as candy.

Once this was dry I applied the Sinful Colors Love Sprinkles, making sure I got 2 heart decals on my ring finger. You’ll spot the same polish on my pinky, pointy and thumb, only applied to the top of my nail to give it a gradient finish. It looks nice, ne?

See my purple shoe? :) I am so proud of it! I made a nail polish sticker for the very first time and I am so chuffed at how it came out.
It’s so easy!
I printed a drawing of the shoe I wanted to trace, on a page in the exact size I needed it to be.
Then I put a piece of clear plastic over the drawing, making sure it was held together firmly in place.
I then proceeded to paint a few coats of Essence The Gel 06 Space Queen on the plastic, over the drawing, to create a thick film. Once that dried (it took a while), I used a thin nail art brush and a nice purple polish, from Woolworths Paint called Fashion Passion, to trace out the shoe drawing onto the plastic (over the Space Queen canvas).

I let it all dry and began to peel the sticker from the plastic and literally stuck it onto my nail.
Easy peasy!
I topped all my nails with Catrice gel top coat and taaa daaaaaaaaaa!
Instant Cinderallable nails. Oh yeah!

Now to find a glass slipper.

Here's what the others did:

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