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Storybook Themed DIY Challenge: Charlie&The Chocolate Factory nails

A bunch of fabulous blogging moms decided to do a blog challenge where we'd take on a kiddies story book every week and use the theme to come up with a DIY, which we would link up to each others posts. This is awsome because I get to stretch my brain (let's get real here, I'll probably only do nail posts) and I'll also get to see some cool crafty ideas since they are quite professional at it already and me not so much pro.

This week the theme was Charlie&The Chocolate Factory, thought up by Amelia over at Suddenly a Mom.
I immediately thought, okay so how am I going to get chocolate on my nails?!
Then I immediately wanted some chocolate.
Then I reminded myself that I am trying to lose a few.
Then I reverted back to nails.

Google proved fruitless except to give me a cool idea about using the W in Willy Wonka. I was also quickly reminded of the C&TCF story about the golden ticket and the wonderful chocolate factory full of candy and chocolate fountains and places I wouldn't mind taking a nap on (like marsh mellow trees).

With all of that in mind, I came up with this:

My  base and top coats are Catrice.
The chocolate brown you'll see on my pointy and pinky is Essence 124 Wanna say hello. It really is the perfect shade for this theme! Wish my photos coulda done it more justice!
On my pointy I did the art with strokes of a really old polish I found at the bottom of my bag by 2True called Shade 9 (so imaginative). It's basically a light brown paint.
I topped that with the lovely red Essence 113 Do you speak love? and then did some gold dots on top of that with Essence 157 My fortune cookie. (BTW I still use a toothpick to make my dots! Works brilliantly).
My middle finger has some more 113 on it and then I tried to do the Willy Wonka sign. Yes folks, that is a koki pen. Yes folks, I'm not a good artist. My husband took one look at it and said: "Wow babe! Cool dragon!"
The ring finger has the pretty gold 157 on it, and I koki'd the little squigles on the side. This is my version of the golden tickete, mmkay?
My pinky has dots in all the colors I used on the other nails. Thats my favorite finger in this mani. I like dots. I think it's because I'm a bit dotty myself.

I love the look of a dark polish and really love the chocolate brown I used in this mani!
Essence still rocks my world with its funky colors, flat brushes and quick dry time.

Here's what the other ladies got up to:

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