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An "AACK" for my The Polish Diaries plates

So for the past couple of days my spreadsheet brain has been super laxy daisy.
And it's not as if I didn't have anything to post about.
For starters, I received an amazing parcel from The Polish Diaries, which Elza so beautifully wrapped.

I appreciated that it was delivered snug and safe (unlike other parcels I've received in the past that were literally just thrown into a box). Everything was so pretty, I didn't even want to open it! (I'm that person)
And yes, I took these with my crappy phone camera, because I couldn't wait to get home (I'm that person too)

So the parcel contained 3 totally cool plates, a stamper and scraper and a pot of hot pink nail caviar. 
The plates are M60 (Check out the retro polka dot and plaid designs), M65 and M69 (love the flowers!)

They came covered with a protective pink sticker, which I cleverly removed and placed on the back of each plate so they don't scrape against each other, when I store them.
I know, I'm brilliant.

The scraper has a metallic edge, which is uber helpful.
See pink caviar and say "ooooooh"

I obviaasly decided to use the stamps immediately.

So my nail post today features some images from M60, using my only bottle of Sinful Colors - yes, the same bottle I mentioned in my previous stamping post.
It's the lovely 950 Savage - a pretty blue color that reminds me of Summer days.

People, I love this color! It's so blue and bright and amazangk!*
And it works quite wonderfully with my stamps... I get it Sinful Colors fans. I get it.
I realize that I do not have enough opaque polish - which I've found works better with stamping plates. Must get.

I must be honest, I am a naughty girl, and did not put on a base coat.
But hey, it was 11pm and I couldn't find it due to husband and baby girl taking over my space (bless their hearts).
My next nail post will bare witness to the repercussions thereof.

Anyways, so I applied 2 coats of the Sinful Colors and waited for it to dry.
Then I used my faaaaav Essence The Suede 196 I <3 My Blue Jeans to stamp the pretty images onto my nails.

Check it out:

Since this is only the 2nd time I've tried stamping (ever, in my life, in all history of all time, evaaa) I think that it came out nogals okay. Not perfect... but let's call this one semi-perfect.
Hey, don't judge me! We can't have it all, Thelma!

I thought I was being super clever and added a touch of glitter to my ring fingers... but you can't really see it. So just imagine it's there :)

All in all, I enjoy having a shocking bright color on all my nails, which is weird for me, since I like things to make sense and it just doesn't make sense in my spreadsheet brain to have nails that look like you're going to a disco, when all you're doing is cleaning your babies bottom and then going to your office job.
Normally I go a tad bit more conservative but nah, this color needs to be bragged about.

Check out The Polish Diaries ya'll. Totally legit with awesome prices that don't make you feel like you're stealing food out of your children's mouths whenever you place an order.
They are on Facebook and have an online store too.

Don't forget to enter the totally sweeeeeeeeeeet Oh!Boy giveaway!
It's rad, Brad!

*FYI:  As I've said before: "amazangk" is "amazing" but just better. 

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