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OMD3 Nail Challenge: Stars {Featuring my Born Pretty stamping plate}

I realize that I have been extremely lax with the Oh Mon Dieu challenge (which ends tomorrow), so I thought oh what they hey, lets get one more entry in there!
Today I am doing prompt 22, which is in fact "Star Sign", but I'm not really a star signs kinda gal.
So I'm just going with "stars", since I AM infact a star and alla that :) #selfproclaimed

I must make mention of my first stamping plate! Aaack! 
Bought from the very popular Born Pretty online store. 
So I ordered a "plastic stamper and scraper" and the BP64 stamping plate and paid $6.58 which roughly amounts to about R70.00 and then a surprise R35 or so at the post office when I went to collect. 
Which means I paid just over a R100 for it... I know, right? 
And I was a bit dissapointed at how tiny it is! And truth be told it took more than a month to get here. Lesson learnt hey. 
But it's my first stamping plate so I wasn't thaaaat upset... I just wanted to do my nails! 

The teeny tiny stamper and scraper, my beautiful new Sinful Colors polish, 950 Savage,  and Born Pretty stamp BP64

As you can see, it's quite small - the stamp itself is smaller than the top of my polish brush! 
But it worked, so I'm happy. 

Back to the challenge. 
As per usual, I use a base coat to protect my nails and a cool Catrice gel top coat which makes my manis stay on for atleast a week with no chipping or peeling. 
In fact I have gotten a good week and half out of it once, without having to redo my nails! 
But then again, who wants to have the same nails for longer than a week, right? :)

For the challenge I painted all my nails with Essence The Gel 37 Serendipity
I use this colour alot and find it to be my base color of choice if I want to do some drastic nail art. 

I then color blocked my ring finger with my wonderful new polish: Sinful Colors 950 Savage
Love love love! 

I have to work on my stamping but all in all, I quite like the effect the grundginess gives it.

I did some cute flowers on my ring finger and thumb. See see:

In conclusion:
I want more staaamps!!!!



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