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OMD3 Nail Challenge: Love


Contemplating on 2 different nail challenge designs this past week was nogals easy, surprisingly. I think I owe the inspiration to my newest polish and my very first Sinful Colors buy called "Love Sprinkles" which has really pretty hearts and pink decals in it! I doubted whether I should get it at first and then I was like, ahh what the heck and then I used it and now I am smitten! It went on easily and I was able to play around with the position of the heart decals without fuss.


I loved the colors I chose to use in another blog challenge that I am doing with a couple of other mommy bloggers, which is the pretty Essence gel look 37 Serendipity as well as the Essence 104 Sweet as candy. So I used the same colors for the Oh Mon Dieu prompt number 18, "Love". This worked in nicely with my new Sinful Colors buy :) All planned, you see? #spreadsheetbraining

More about the Oh Mon Dieu challenge: The challenge will run for the month of July and they include cool prizes! You can do any of the prompts on any day, provided you link it to the one of the affiliated sites and enter the rafflecopter. I link mine to the Crafty Nail blog.

Right. Now time to talk about the mani.
I used my Catrice base coat to protect my nails and then applied 2 coats of the Serendipity which is a rather lovely grey color. I then applied 1 coat of Sweet as candy. Once this was dry I applied the Sinful Colors Love Sprinkles, making sure I got a heart decal on 2 accent nails. You'll spot some "love sprinkles" on the top half of the rest of my fingers as well, for a semi-gradient thingie.

Topped it all off with Catrice gel top coat and finished!
I love the way it looks :)


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