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PPSA Nail Challenge - Traffic


So the prompts for this weeks  Polished Pretties South Africa Nail Challenge are "purple" and "traffic". I attempted the purple one earlier this week because, well, it felt easy enough with my minimal nail art experience. It turned out okay and motivated me to attempt the traffic prompt.

A bunch of ideas ran through my head... all of which I think are really over the top and will require me having 3 hands and Picassos ability to create modern art. And then, as it turns out, on the evening that I tried to execute my clever and elaborate designs, my baby decides that she is not going to sleep early (thanks mom, but no thanks). So I did what I could with the little time I had, before she would be latched onto me again. 

This is my attempt at "road signs": 


I used my Catrice base coat and 1 coat of Essence 115 Redvolution and a coat of the pretty Essence 105 Party Princess, which I won in the Pretty Messy Melon giveaway

Right, then it was time to paint the road signs onto my nails. 
Result: Not so good, but not toooooo bad, considering I had a baby practically clinging to me. 
I used a random white paint that I had received as a party favor at a babyshower (I know, right?) since my Sally Hansen White On seems to have gone clumpy on me. Boohoo. 
Topped it all off with a gel top coat and voila! 

So in case you didnt know: 
the pointy is a U Turn sign
the middle is a 60 speed limit sign 
and the ring is a no entry (or something like that)

See my "krom" 60 :)

What do you think? 
Okay, stop being polite, and say how you REALLY feel :) haha

Check out the other participants amazang nail art below and hey, if you'd like to join us on the weekly challenges, see the prompts below. 
I'm nogals excited about the dots one! 


How amazing are these ladies???
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