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PPSA Nail Challenge - Purple

It's week 3 of the Polished Pretties South Africa Nail Challenge and this week holds a mixture of “ooh that’s easy” and “say whaaaat?”

The first prompt, “Traffic”, has my head spinning with Possibilities vs. Absurdities. I mean, I even started wishing I had bigger nails haha.

The second prompt, “Purple”, is what I’ll be blogging about today. I did a little happy jig when I saw it, since it worked nicely with the amazing gifts I received from the Pretty Messy Melon giveaway. (BTW there are plenty more giveaways coming – keep your eyes peeled here!)

If you saw my post last week, you'd know about the cool nail goodies I received in the hamper! 
Amongst other things, I was so thankful for the Catrice base coat - which I applied first to protect my nails and make the mani last longer. I generally do not apply a base coat (no particular reason except laziness), but I think that having such a top notch one in my collection kinda forces me to now. 
I was also SO thrilled when I saw the ‘torrally’ cool Woolworths Paint nail polish! The color is a really potent purple – which lo and behold is one of the PPSA challenge prompts this week! The color is called Fashion Passion and it went on easily, and because of the deep color, 1 coat did the trick! I was super impressed with it. 
I could also use the Essence “flitter” effect nail art – which you will see on my ring finger. It's so easy peasy to apply: paint nails and while the polish is still wet, dip it into the flitters. I waited for about 10 minutes before applying a top coat – Catrice Gel & Shine – another awesome gift from the hamper. I mean, how cool (and eerily perfect) was this giveaway!? 

Some of the cool stuff I won

As you will see below, I decided that I’d try the whole leopard print thing on my middle finger. It was extremely easy. I basically painted my nail with Essence 162 Dare It Nude and used a thin nail art brush, dipped in Fashion Passion,  to create squiggles on my nail. Once dry, I used a normal koki pen to give it the leopard look. 
What not to do: Do not watch Transporter 2 while doing your nails and absentmindedly apply the top coat while the previous coat is still wet. You'll see streaky leopard spots as proof of this theory.

For my pointing finger (it’s called that, right?) I went with a neutral Essence 37 Serendipity.

So there you have it J My 2nd PPSA Challenge!
I feel a tad bit like an amateur compared to the crazy wonderful stuff the ladies over at PPSA come up with. It totally inspires me to do something other than just color block my ring finger (which has become a staple for me anyways).

You really need to check out some of their work! 
Ordinary Misfit
Because I can


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