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I won! And so can you!


What a glorrrrrious Thursday!

I visited Pretty Messy Melons Facebook page the other day and noticed that she is running a couple of crazy giveaways, which I, duhh, had to enter :)

And then.... dum dum dahhhh!!!!! I won :)

As you know, I've started to blog about my nail art experiments - being a mom to a new baby girl and all.
I think that doing your nails is a cool way to stay hip and to actually have some "ME TIME" (keeping in mind that I did the last PPSA Nail Art challenge with my babygirl on my lap). hehe

Anyways, so I am really keen to see how I can use the goodies in the hamper for the upcoming PPSA challenges and hey, why dont you visit Pretty Messy Melon's site for really cool reviews and top tips and tricks about make up and other such girly stuff.

In the meantime, check out a few really cool Polished Pretties challenge pics for this weeks 2nd theme - PINK.

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