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My love-hate relationship with Nail Cavi (and how not to stain your nails bright blue)

Okay, let me be honest...
I'm not here to be the perfect blogger, who has all the answers, and takes the nicest pics and says the right things that would capture an audience stream of hundreds with each post. (Mo powa to ya if you are!)

With that said, allow me to explain to you what an epic fail I did the other day when I did a mani with the bright blue Sinful Colors 950 Savage WITHOUT using a base coat.
Man, when I tried to take that baby off my nails, it was EVERYWHERE.
My fingers were stained. My nails were stained. In fact my ring finger nails are STILL stained.

I wanted to remove the mani so that I can try out my fabulous pink caviar sent to me by The Polish Diaries but my nails are STILLLLLLLLL blue.
Lesson learnt.

I had to then apply laborious amounts of LA Girl Euphoria (GNL104)... which, by the way, is so sheer that it makes my nails blush. (get it? get it?)
Thankfully the caviar nicely covered the stained nails and went on really easily.
But, I am sad to admit, I don't think nail cavi is for me, because they came off not long after.
I'm too crazy for nail cavi.
Well, that's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

I love nail cavi. Nail cavi does not love me. 

Me and my blue stained fingers!
Anyways, so I will be attempting to remove the blue stains and try something else.
But for now. This is it.

Perhaps in another lifetime - or maybe on another day - I'll Google some tips on how to correctly apply this phenomenon called nail caviar. But today, I retreat in defeat.

But be a doll and go and check out The Polish Diaries... They have some amazing products at totally cool prices.

With love,
Your favorite totally fabulous, but also ridiculously amateur nail art blogging friend who is fortunately not doing this for points...


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