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PPSA Nail Challenge - Your favourite villain


So this weeks 2nd nail challenge is "your favourite villain" - one that I was planning to avoid because, well, I don't have a favourite villain per say and it just seemed too tricky for an amateur such as me. 

But then I checked out what the other ladies on the Polished Pretties South Africa group were doing and all of a sardine found myself inspired! You should check out their work below.

So after mulling around about the concept of villains I came to the conclusion that the biggest villain to me is CONFUSION. I intensely dislike being unprepared and not knowing what is going on! Hence the blog titled "my spreadsheet brain". 
Dude, I have a spreadsheet for EVERYTHING! 
Question Marks are my villain! 

And then, as you would have it, there is such a villain. 
His name is The Riddler, of DC Comics origin, and happens to be one of Batman's nemesis. 

My Riddler/Confusion inspired nails below: 

My explanation:
Pointy - The question mark, duh
Middle - Those are meant to be clouds of confusion (haha)
Ring - Represents confusion
Pinkie - I thought a dot would look cool

I used all Essence, because I love em!
Base and top coats are Catrice.
The shimmering colour is 2 coats of Essence 190 Kiss me, Freddy. It's a really pretty shimmery mint green color... the photo does not do it justice!
I did the designs with my favorite navy blue 196 I <3 my blue jeans.
And then the cloud features 157 My fortune cookie which is the cool gold paint I also used in the previous challenge post.

I must add, I did this at like, 19:30 last night, while waiting for load shedding to hit us at 20:00.
So yes, it took all of 30 minutes for the layers to dry and the art to be applied etc.
Normally I struggle for hours and then have to remove the paint from one nail (because lets face it, one nail always gets smudged) or I have to redo something that didn't come out the way I wanted it to.

Excited for next weeks challenges! Do join us!

Here's what the other ladies got up to:

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Ordinary Misfit

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