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PPSA Nail Challenge - Go Wild With Dots

This weeks Polished Pretties South Africa nail art challenge is nogals one of my faves! 
The first prompt is "go wild with dots" and the 2nd is "your favorite villain". 
I attempted the dots one and saw really rad stuff on the net, but yarrr, it didn't quite work out that well on my actual nails. 

To make the dots, I used the end of a hair grip (bobby pin) and the end of a paper clip (for the smaller dots). Both worked quite well! 

The colors I used were all Essence (besides for my base and top coats).
I first started with 162 Dare It Nude, which went on over my base coat.
I figured that it would really help to make the pink pop, and it did!
I then applied 2 coats of 104 Sweet As Candy. I really like how it ended up.
Then I used my paper clip, dipped in some 157 My Fortune Cookie to make the dots on my pointy and middle finger. I added a french mani on the middle finger.
The ring fingers dot is a layer of the nude and pink with a drop of 06 Space Queen gel look.
The pinkie finger speaks for itself :)

And voila!
Fairly easy (once I gave up on the intricate stuff that just wasn't working out)
I think the dots are so cute!

If you'd like to join the nail challenge, check out the prompts below, and join us on Facebook over at Polished Pretties South Africa! It's really fun and a cool excuse to do something different with your nails every week!

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