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PPSA Nail Challenge - Dark & Vampy

It's nearing the end of the Polished Pretties South Africa nail challenge and I'm nogals bummed! 
One of this weeks prompts are "dark and vampy" and I knew that I wanted to try something new, but not too difficult that it would make me feel like loser if it didn't turn out properly. 

To start off: a little pic to show you exactly how I end up doing my nails almost every week! She loves her mama :) 

For this weeks challenge I used a Catrice polish that is a metallic greeny colour -33 In the army glowEsssence 147 Miss Universe which is a blue metallic with hints of green and the Woolworths Fashion Passion stunning purple polish that I had won in the Pretty Messy Melon giveaway

I started off with my base coat and then 2 coats of the Catrice army color. 
It looked pretty rad on it's own but too "dark and dingy" as opposed to "dark and vampy" for my liking. 
I then tried to do a pattern that I had spotted on the net - clip note: it was titled "easy diy nail art". Yeah right! hahaha easy for a rocket scientist maybe! Anyways... that turned out to be a flop. 

I then grabbed a sponge... or rather I opened a pack of kitchen sponges and cut one up... painted some purple paint on it and dabbed it on my nail. 
Much better. 
I did the same with the blue metallic. 
It turned out to be a sort of a gradient, as you can see, and I must say the overall result came out pretty cool! What you probably can't see in the pics is that the Catrice army color really set a good base color for the overall effect to work. 
I love the grunge look and I love that anyone can do it. 
Nail art for dummies! :) 

There's still time for you to participate in the last prompt of the challenge! 

Oh and here's what the other ladies did: 

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