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NAILLLINKUP SA - Pink Christmas

Hello you crazy bunch of people! (And the crowd goes *krr krr*)
This weekend I attempted my first prompt for the Nail Link Up challenge. I love nail challenges because they help me to get creative with my nails. Well... as creative as I can get. (Feeling limited this time of the year). Keeping in mind, I have a beautiful child who demands all of my attention 100% of the time.

The first prompt of the Nail LinkUp SA challenge was to the theme Pink Christmas. 
I think that the Nail LinkUp ladies are possibly mind readers.
Heloooo... 2 of my favorite things! Pink and Christmas :)
Here's my entry... the Christmassy image was taken from my The Polish Diaries plate M65 and stamped with my cheapy Beauty Secrets white polish. Still works like the bomb dot com.

I had started off with 2 coats of Essence The Gel 13 Forgive Me and used a sponge to create a gradient affect, using a no namey hot pink polish. I needed hot pink and found this one hidden at the bottom of my nail polish tool box. Score. It's like, a gift from past self, to my future self. Sigh, I love those.

BTW I found this pic of the  Essence The Gel 13 Forgive Me, to give you a better idea of how amazing this color is. *swoooon*
I am totally inlove with it! Doesn't it remind you of marshmallows and unicorns and fluffy clouds?! 

Photo: Mateja
I know! Right?

If you'd like to participate in the challenge, check out my previous post and follow the prompts below.


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