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Take good pics this December!


So it's about that time of the year where the weather permits us to wear less and end of year events force us to take more photos. I don't know about you, but I often cringe when I see myself in photos. Either my arm flab is a bit too flabby or my double chin is a bit more prominent. In fact, when I see a camera, I mentally tell myself "oh boy! get ready to suck it all in and smile!" 

But we don't have to live this way, good friends! There is hope for us! :) Thanks to my buddy, Tyra Banks, and her highly successful series, America's Next Top Model, I knew that there were various things one could do to look good in photos. 

Fortunately there are a bunch of sites who offer helpful tips and tricks to getting the perfect snaps. It seems that there is quite an art to taking a good pic! Well, models have been practicing it for years, isn't it? And now it's time for us, normal civilians, to get in on the action too! Here's what I've learnt: 

Slimmer torso
Twist your torso so that one shoulder is turned towards the camera and the other away from it. A straight-on body shot will give the appearance of a wider torso. Standing at an angle will give the appearance of a slimmer torso. 

Unflab your arms
Placing your hand on your hip will not only slender your arm, but it will also help to give the appearance of a more prominent waist line. If the hand on the hip pose does not work for you, try holding your arms out from your sides, slightly. The trick is to make sure your arm is not pressed against your body. 
Pretty posture 
Standing and sitting up straight will help to elongate your figure. Pulling your shoulders back will also accentuate your collarbone. 

Double chin no more
Elongating your neck, by pushing your face out slightly, will help to create an illusion of no double chin. Keeping your chin up and out and your face at an angle, rather than full on facing the camera, is also more flattering. A few celebrities swear that keeping your tongue on the roof of your mouth will also help with making your face seem slimmer. Go figure! 

Tame your eyes 
If you tend to blink a lot in photos or you seem to have a squint in your pics, try to close your eyes just before the picture is taken and open them slowly before the snap. 

It’s all about the angle
Always try to avoid being photographed from below. A low angle will add on the pounds and make you look heavier than you are. A higher angle – think: above the eye line – will not only be more flattering, but when you turn your face upwards; it will elongate your neck and torso. 

How to group selfie 
When taking a group pic remember to never stand on the end! Stand in the middle, with your body slightly turned. This rule works especially well when the group poses in semi-circle format because whatever is closest to the camera will appear to be larger. 

Sitting pretty
If you have to sit, be sure to cross your legs at your ankles. This not only looks more elegant and prevents excess thigh disclosure, it also makes your thighs and calves look slimmer. By strategically placing your arms in front of you, you can also hide any unsightly bulges. 



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