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1st Birthday Cake Smash Photoshoot [And family pics!]

So my Curly turned 1 on Saturday!
To celebrate, we had a small cake and tea for the family and looked at the fabulous cake smash pics taken by the talented Michelle at Cute Pix. (Remember, I shared a sneak preview and description of how it all went down, the other day)

Hayley from Hayleys Joys also didn't a little post about my curlys first birthday, in her 'Celebrating Baby's 1st Year' series, over at her blog. Please do check it out :)

But, let me not waste any time... Herewith, please find the most adorbs 1st birthday pics and stunning family portraits that are so beautiful, they make me want to shed a tear in awe and delight!
heeheeee I didn't want to post all (150) of them. Your data/internet can thank me later.

So, the first couple were family pics... I totally loved this concept

Chris and Seth

Kyle and I

The next set of photos show off my adorable baby girl! This girls skin is like porcelain. I don't know where she gets it from! 

Michelle and her hubby handmade this set!

The cake was a bit too overwhelming for my curly girly, and so mommy had to step in for some comfort!

Can't stop staring at these!
What do you think?


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