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Summer nails: Coral Crazy!

On heritage day we spent the afternoon with a bunch of friends - the guys chilling at the braai stand, the girls on the grass doing our nails.
It was glorious. I love Summer. Summer has my whole heart!
To commemorate the beginning of this wonderful season, I decided to bedeck my nails with some more lovely coral.
(Ya'll know I lose my ish over coral - see here).

Spot baby girl slap dab in the middle, with a bottle of Essence in her hand. 

For a fresh Summer mani, I started with a coat of Catrice base coat and then applied Essence Gel Look 24 Indian Summer (so aptly named) to all my nails except my ring finger. On ring finger I applied Essence Gel Look 14 Do you speak love? 

I tried to do a bit of a stampy with one of the images from my The Polish Diaries M69 plate but the red was too red and I was a bit of a dodo in using the coral to stamp on it. But that's okay because I used Risa's Catrice silver embellishments to give it that somethin' somethin'.

I topped it off with a Catrice gel look top coat.

I don't know why my skin is this weird Zombie color
And then, it turns out that my nails ended up matching my cellphone cover. So unplanned.
Yes, I am still using a Blackberry. The struggle is real.
But hey, I got 99 problems but data aint 1! Haha

This mani was totes easy to do and it lasted more than a week!



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