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Nursery Rhyme Challenge: Twinkle, twinkle, little star

So it's week 2 into our Nursery Rhyme challenge and I'm already thinking about week 4 - because I'm a freak like that, but also because this challenge theme leaves room for soooo many options - Ta da ta ta taaaa, I'm loving it!

This week our Thursday posts are centered around twinkle, twinkle, little star.

Photo: Bhavanajagat

As it turns out, my friend, Risa, blessed me with this amazangk LA Girl Gold Studs nail pack. It had everything I needed for this challenge, so I was pretty chuffed about that! Obviously I could not wait to open and use em all! Hence why I did not take a pic of it, but here's (not a very good) one from EBay:

It comes complete with 2 nail art brushes, a mini black polish and a mini gold sparkles. It also has a pot of totally cool nail studs, which you literally apply by pressing it on your nail and applying a top coat. I found all of these so easy to use! Must keep an eye out for more. (Nail Art Experts everywhere are rolling their eyes at me right this instance because of my lack of knowing).

Anyways, so yes, I used this kit for this weeks nursery rhyme challenge.

I started off (first my base coat and then) painting all my nails with the black polish. This is 1 coat ya'll!
I bedazzled my ring finger nails with the gold sparkles.
So pretty.
I used the nail studs for my pinky finger nails. Just waited for black to dry and plopped the stud on the nail and top coated it.

I was so excited to use my Born Pretty stamping plate BP64 which has loads of cool star images on it. I used that, coupled with my Essence The Gel 44 On Air gold polish, to create the images on my thumb, pointy and middle finger nails.

A bit of a flop on the thumb there

All in all, it looks very twinkle little star-ish, dontcha think?
I wouldn't usually go with black on my finger nails, but these have a sparkle to them :)

Anyways, so as you've gathered from my previous post, I don't have a particularly amazing phone.
My hubstopher has always been kind enough to let me snap pics with his iPhone.
So this morning I send him a text to remind him to send me all the pics that I've taken of my nails, "Please can you send them to me?"
Which he does.

And includes one of his own:

This is what bass player hands look like

Hahahahahahahhaha! I laughed SO loud! He's such a clown!
But he could use a manicure.

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