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Nursery Rhyme Challenge: Row, row, row your boat

Our nursery rhyme challenge is a much welcomed moment of inspiration in a totally bland week. Sometimes you just need that good ol dose of brain juices to kick your butt back into gear.

Our previous themes were I'm a little teapot and Twinkle, twinkle, little star.
This weeks theme, Row, row, row your boat, was the brain child of our very own Amelia, who is not joining us on this challenge due to health reasons. So this ones for you Amelia!

Photo: Pinterest
The nautical trend is... uhhhh... trending right now. Essence has a whole bunch of totally cool nautical stuff in their Nautigirl range. From nail art stickers, to amazing nautical inspired hues in their makeup selections and even a nautigirl fragrance and cosmetic bag. Love it all!
Their nautigirl polishes feature some totally shweeet navy blue colors, which are so fetch.

For my "row your boat" nails, I decided not to go with the navy blue though.
Why? Soma just. (How deep am I?) I spotted this amazangk deep red Essence The Gel 10 True Love and I had to try it out! As with all Essence polishes, it goes on smoothly (love the extra broad brush!) and looks really amazing with just 1 coat. I applied 2 though. Soma just.

I've been loving my Essence The Gel 44 On Air gold shimmer polish lately. Check out yesterday's post for emphasis.
Anyways... so I painted my middle finger with the gold shimmer and used it to draw an anchor on my ringer finger, which had been painted with the French White Beauty Secrets polish that I bargain shopped at Clicks the other day. I used the same white to make dots on my red painted nails, using a dotting tool. But you could even use a toothpick.
Top coat: Catrice Gel

Finish and Kla!
I couldnt stop staring at my nails :) Love the way the colors look together.

My friend, V, at In The Meantime, couldn't join us on the blog this week. Boohoohoo.
So it's just me, Ella and Ruth.
Check out what those 2 brainiacs did. Why are they so clever? They need to put it away now :)

Ruth Abercrombie

Just Ella Bella


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