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Nursery Rhyme Challenge: Mary had a little lamb

So today I am taking a break from talking about how beautiful my daughter is, to stick to my word and post the final in our nursery rhyme challenge series.

If you remember we did: I'm a little teapotTwinkle little star, Row your boat, Mary quite contrary and today we end it off with my suggestion (and I definitely want to kick myself for it!): Mary had a little lamb.

For starters, I did not particularly want lambs or wool on my nails.
But I managed to work my way around it with some Nubar and Sinful Colors.
The little puffs are meant to be lamb tails... but of course you could see that :)
What do you think?

Not my finest moment, but hey, we aren't here to judge now, are we Martha?

This is what Ella and Ruth got up to:
Just Ella Bella

Ruth Abercrombie


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