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My "Add Some Sparkle To Your Mani" mani


I'm meant to say "Photo courtesy of Hezron Armoeds Sony". So there's it. :) 

The other day, I felt like having easy nails for a change.
I mean, I'm no wild child, but based on the fact that I've been using my nails as a blank canvas to express my somewhat colourful train of thought, I thought I'd maybe just go with 1 color today.

As you know, I'm kinda crazy about Coral. I said so here and here.
So I went with some sweeeeeeeeet Sinful Colors Island Coral on my nails and toes.
But then it was like I could hear the crickets chirping "crrr crrrr.... crrr crrrr..."
So I added some sparkle. A little stud on the ring finger nails (I got 'em here, remember?)
And the fabulous Essence The Gel 44 On Air on my pinky.
I found these ancient Sally Hansen nail art strips hidden away in my nail polish vanity, so I used them to do a sort of a nail artsy thing on my pointy. I liked the look of that. Wish I had tried it with the other nails too but it happened kinda last minute.
Photos taken with Hezrons Sony. Thanks Hezzie! 

Whooooop there it is!



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