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Family Photos/1st Birthday Cake Smash:Sneak Peak

Yesterday my family and I trekked to the other side of Port Elizabeth for our annual(ish) family photo shoot. This would be our first with Miss Curlysue and would also double as her 1st birthday cake-smash shoot.

Thanks to the amazing photo package photographer, Michelle Janse van Rensburg, of Cutepix/Full Circle Photography, has put together, we were able to take pics of our princess, a couple of portraits and get some much needed family photos in. Oh and the cake was included in the price too. Score!

Michelle had asked us to meet her at a tiny cafe on a long road, where her hubby, Marius, acted as a chaperone transporting us from one destination to another. It seems our "karretjie" just did not have what it takes to navigate through wood lands. After driving for a couple of minutes, we stopped smack dab in the middle of a forest where Michelle was waiting (with camera en tow) - the forest was to be our stage!  After applying lots of mosquito repellent on to little arms and legs we were ready for our shoot!
The first couple of frames were of us with "ours" - Chris with Seth and myself with Kyle.
We took some with our Little Miss and a bunch of pics as a family.
And that was our moment of fame for the day. The rest was all about Curly!
The next scene had Curly sitting in front of a kissing booth, with a very chic looking hat perched on her head. Michelle had hand-crafted every single prop! The setting was "carnival" themed and very cheery and colourful. The forrest makes for the perfect backdrop!
Cake smash time didn't go according to what I had envisioned. Sigh! I feel like a struggling artist! My child does not do cake. She did not like the sweet taste or the feeling of icing between her fingers! But I also think that it was alot of stimulation all at the same time and she was just tired of it all.
All in all the shoot took about an hour long (which I was totally okay with! happy baby, happy mommy!) and it's the next day and I have a couple of photos to ooh and ahhh at already! How on the ball are they? :)

Loving it already. Cant wait to see more! Stay tuned!


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