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Oh!Boy Competition Winners: Carolyn and Blake Augustus


The winners of our lovely Oh!Boy competition is Carolyn Augustus and her beautiful 20 month old baby girl, Blake Rachel.

Carolyn shares that Blake loves exploring the outdoors and watching her favorites: Doc McStuffins and Sophia the First. "She has the most beautiful smiling eyes that lights up any room!" The mom of 2 gushed.
Carolyn and her princess, Blake

The stylish Blake Rachel
I love picking the brains of moms with girls, since I've been a mom of boys for many, many moons and only now have hit the realization that 'hey... things are different with this one!!' (referring to my own curly girly).

Carolyn had the following to say about raising her 2 daughters: "I love seeing my children blossom and grow into beautiful young ladies. I firmly believe that children should be allowed to be children. Do not limit your children in their learning and never compare one child to another."

Wise words!


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