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My spreadsheet wedding

Upon admiring my wonderful wedding pics the other day, I got to thinking about all the planning that had been put into said wedding. Almost 2 years later and it feels as if we've been married for 27 years! It feels like it was many moons ago but it was just the other day. Can you believe it?! I guess conceiving a baby a month into being married does that to you. Hahaha!

All photos: Donna van der Watt Photography
I remember carrying around with me (At all times. No, really, at ALL times) my huge wedding planner - an A4 diary filled with pics, notes, proof of payments and order sheets - just in case I would need to look up something. I wasn't exactly Bridezilla... I was more like the secretary of Bridezilla. Man, I had spreadsheets for everything! I had spreadsheets of my spreadsheets!

Every single moment was perfectly planned - the music, the decor, who would stand where in which photo etc.
In my spreadsheet brain, I had it all down!

Come: The day of the wedding.
Things did not go down that way, hey.
For starters, my wonderful hairstyle did not look as wonderful as my spreadsheet brain had listed it to be.
Well, not according to what I wanted, anyways.
It took forever and a day to get to church, where my violinist/saxophonist was NOT serenading my guests, as was planned.
My bridal party missed the que to walk down the aisle.
My fake eyelashes kept sticking to my veil.
The beautiful arch that we were to be married under almost toppled.
La la la la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.
Nothing went as planned.
Laughing on the outside, wondering if the arch is steady on the inside
And then I remembered something a wonderful friend of mine said: "Luchae, everything that happens on that day, will happen just as it was meant to happen!"

And you know what, in retrospect, looking back now I can see how those little things added to the quirks of our (already quirky) matrimonial celebration. We watch the video and go "ohhhh look, thats where it happened!" (Talking about the arch almost falling) and we admire and remember all the other things that made the day memorable!

"Babe, my eye lashes are sticking to my veil" .... "That's okay babe, it's almost time for our honeymoon!".... ":)"
And guess what, THAT is what made our wedding day perfect!
Sure the planning helped some :)
But making memories is what made the day special.
Making memories is what made the day perfect.

All photos: Donna van der Watt Photography
On a "preachy" side, can I just add that our plans may not always seem to succeed, but at the end of the day, whatever the outcome, it always works for the good of those who love God! Well, that's what the Bible says anyways. When we submit our plans to Him, we allow Him to do His thang... which gives us the confidence of knowing that it will all work out - whether it goes according to our spreadsheets or not.
It's all a matter of control.
Who is in control?
Well, if I look at my wedding day, I know that I was definitely not the one in control! Praise God for that. Hahaha.

Life is messy and REAL and not a movie.
I am so glad that we have a Creator who is interested in His creation - who wants us to be the best we can be and who makes sure that every life lesson and curve ball results in a positive! (Whether we see it at the time or not).

Romans 8:28

Have a beautiful Tuesday!


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