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Mean Girls


Mean girls.
You know who they are.
The "we've got our ish together" looking people who have an overbearing amount of opinions and the distinct desire to either share said opinion or smirk about it behind your back.
They know better.
Scrap that: They know BEST.
And they have a group of friends who agree.
I mean, if you aren't doing things the way they do it, then you are SO outdated/dumb/naive that surely the main dinosaur from Jurassic Park is more "with it" than you.
Going against their grain is gasped on and not being in their circle means you get a side eye.

Yep, mean girls.
You've either felt a little bit less of a human being because of them OR you've been one of them. In my case, I've been both, on many occasions. (Sometimes willingly, sometimes not so much).

It's amazing how you still find these types of cliques in adult world.
Adults shouldn't have to be mean girls. I mean, we are adults for goodnessakes.
We have other things to think about! (Bills, kids, supper, oh and did I brush my hair this morning???)
But nope, it's still there.
It's changed a bit though... Maybe it use to be "my clothes are better than yours" but now it's changed it's ugly form into "my car is bigger than yours" or "my kid is brighter than yours" or hey, on occasion... "my blog is more popular than yours" or "my job is better than yours."
They are like ninjas. Hidden, but everywhere.
You sometimes find them on social media, waiting for someone to update their status so that they can comment something snotty (aka "wise"). Or they'll be updating their own statuses, with subliminal messages aimed at putting others down or "on their place" (as is the aim).

Mean girls. They are everywhere. Cleverly disguised like Leon Schuster.
Sometimes you don't even know that you have been "mean girled". It's those times when you all of a sudden feel a bit inadequate or the need to fabricate the truth behind where you bought your jersey (Mr Price. On sale. 4 years ago.)
Or you find yourself, flabbergastedly trying to explain yourself to a group of people, who are mockingly laughing at something you said incorrectly.
What about when you say something to a room full of people and suddenly it's like you're all alone in the room...either that or everyone else has suddenly gone deaf or lost the ability to communicate, because no one bothers to respond to you...
Yep. You have been mean girled.

And hey, maybe you have been the mean girl, but didn't know about it.
It's possible! I mean, I think back to MY mean girl days.
Guys, I have been a stinky, meany, mean girl, back in my hey day.
And not because my clothes were actually better than anyone elses.
No, it was a deeply rooted insecurity thing.

Maybe you find yourself ignoring someone, purposefully, just because they annoy you or said something you didn't like that one time or because they are not "your type of people."
Or maybe you snicker behind someones back, with one of your friends, because do they even know how weird their hair style is?
Or maybe you even have a spot that you sit at every day, during lunch break, and no one else is invited!
Yep, you're a big ol meanie mean girl!
Me. In real life.
So how do we nip the "mean girl" spirit in the bud?
Being a mean girl OR allowing mean girls to get the better of you would most times require some deep insecurity issues running around, no matter which side you're on. If I am secure in who I am... if I know who I am... belittling others wouldn't interest me and picking up an offense or feeling "less than" wont happen.

Identity plays such an important role in our lives, as women!
It is such a big lesson to teach our young girls. Value yourself! You are important! You are unique! 
Getting these foundations down will help them to grow into confident, bold, women who are aware of other peoples emotions and sure about who they are (not being swayed by opinion).

Ya'll know my mantra: I cant control THEM, but I can control ME.
I always tell my hubby "Do you KNOW who I AM?" - Meaning, I am aware that I am precious, valuable, intelligent and a child of the King.
Knowing who I am leaves no room for ANYONE to make me feel bad about myself.
But it also makes me aware of the little things that do not add value to me (eg. when I act like a poophead = not adding value).
This helps me to want to be a better me.
It makes me want to learn life lessons by telling myself: "okay, that was wrong... but this is how I can do it right..."
It's hard to be obnoxious when you know that you were created with purpose and value, because you'd want to live your life honoring that and growing into the beautiful flower that you're meant to be.

Anyways... so there you have it!
BTW, as the pics would explain, Mean Girls happens to be my most favoritest movie of all times.
It's like SOO fetch, and stuff!!



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