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"Inspired by Women" nail art competition: My Women's Day Nails

August is a very special month for us South Africans.
We celebrate and remember the importance of being WOMAN, which I think is so valuable in a time when being a girl has turned into being "boobs and bums" (sorry for my crassness, but hey, it's the truth). Music videos and magazines easily turn who God has created us to be, into something else and I think it's so awesome that we are reminded of our value and our ability! 

It is because of this reason that I love the idea behind the Nail Candi "Inspired by Women" nail art competition.
The Facebook event page explains that for Women's Month, they want to celebrate inspirational women by running a competition that prompts entrants to don their nails with anything reminiscent of a woman who has been an inspiration to them. 

My 2 passions in life are words and music and the ladies who have inspired me to always dig deeper, work harder and say the things I want to say (how I want to say it) are great singers like Etta James, song writers like the amazing Diane Warren, musical dynamos like my Mariah Carey and those who love the Lord like I do and sing about it, like Kari Jobe, Kim Walker Smith and Darlene Zschect. 

I decided to attribute my Women's Day nails to these ladies and the one thing that keeps us all inspired: Music. 

Colors used: 
Essence Nude Glam 01 Cotton Candy
Essence Colour and Go 113 Do you speak love

The music notes on my ring fingers were made by painting some Nude Glam on a freezer bag and drawing the stave and music notes on it, in khoki pen. 

The same goes for the treble clef on my middle finger. 

"Blood, sweat and tears": The music mural  on my pointy represent the passion that these lady have for what they do. 

Happy Women's Month to all the phenomenal women in South Africa. 
I pray that you find your purpose and pursue whatever dream God has laid on your heart! 


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