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How to survive being married to a musician


Our Wedding: 16th December 2013 (Photographer: Donna van der Watt)

1. Learn to not look up when he refers to "Pooky" because it's probably his guitar. Understand that he names his instrument. It will probably be an even mushier term of endearment than he has for you.

2. Do not break into hysterics when you find him making one of these facial expressions while listening to music:
No, he is not having a mild heart attack. This just means that he likes and admires what he is listening to.
(It also means that he probably did not hear you shriek loudly in panic anyways.)

3. Expect him to spend a fair sum of money on things like strings, pads and sticks.
(Clip note: They are not what you think they are.)

4. Never ever refer to a singer as a "musician". You are only deserving of the title "musician" when you play an instrument.

5. Get use to listening to music on it's highest volume. Or be okay with him wearing headphones all the time.
Because there is no other way to really listen to music.

6. "Sound Check" - Definition: You will be at the event hours before anyone else is. 

7. When the lights go on and everyone goes home after an event, keep calm while you watch him potter around on stage. Most times he will end up staying to "jam" with the band... yes, the same band he just "jammed" with for the past hour.

8. Learn how to speak "muso":
Quick lesson:
And remember:
"Shedding" does not refer to hair loss.
"Breaks" does not mean someone broke something on stage.
"Double time" and "Half time" does not refer to a sport

The views and opinions expressed here are soley those of me and my amazing spreadsheet brain. 

My pleasure  :)


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