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PPSA Nail Challenge - Needle

I think that out of all the Polished Pretties South Africa nail challenges, this one is my favorite!
This weeks 2nd prompt is "needle" - as in, use a needle to do something amazaaang with your nails.
(well, that's my definition)

It's pretty straight forward:
Painted my thumbs and pinkies with Essence 115 Redvolution and did the dot detail with the pretty gold 157 My Fortune Cookie Essence paint. To do the detail, I actually used the back part of my "needle" of choice: a toothpick.

The pointy, middle and ring fingers are basically half red and half gold paint. Duh. :)
I found the needle effect worked best when the paint is on thick, so I alternated with my stripes:
red stripe, gold stripe, another layer of red stripe, another layer of gold stripe.
I then simply took the "needle" aka tooth pick and did the little pattern.
And again, I love nail art for dummies!

See see :)

BTW Please excuse my lack of cleaning up.

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