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OMD3 Nail Challenge: Black & Gold


As we near the middle of the Oh Mon Dieu nail art challenge I realize that I am so far behind. But I so hate removing a perfectly good mani every day, unless I'm thoroughly inspired. I did a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory mani for another challenge and decided to use the colors for my next OMD3 challenge: Black and Gold. This prompt was meant for Day 4 but oh well :) Fortunately the rules of this challenge is that we can do any one of the prompts on any day in July. Whoop whoop!

Besides for the fact that I wasn't overly imaginative with what I did with my nails (compared to the other ladies... you really should check them out, following the link on Crafty Nail), I also feel that my pics does not do the mani justice! It's simplistic and really easy for anyone to pull off.

Just make sure the brush you are using for the gold sweeps (as seen on pinky, middle and pointy) is a flat brush and clump free! 2 Coats of gold used on the sweeps and about 3 on my accent nail.
All Essence (besides for base and gel top coat.)

I must admit, the black is actually a really deep brown that passes as black (light dependent). So I cheated a bit :) But I still love the way this looks!
What do you think?

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