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Babyshower: Oh Boy! It's a cowboy!

This past weekend we hosted a cowboy themed baby shower which had all the qualities I admire in a baby shower: Fun to plan with easy diy stuff and I got to dress up. Score.
I loved the theme and found lots of ideas on the net. (Google is a friend of mine.)
Please excuse my cellphone quality pics which I snapped at the last minute! 

Some of the stuff that made this shower fun was, well for starters, we included the guys on this one. 
I mean, why should the mom have to go through all the baby shower agonies alone?
The dad was "Sheriff" for the day (complete with hat and badge) and we played lots of fun games with him! 
He was a real sport. 
It was also fun to have everyone dress up in their best cowboy chaps :) I mean, who doesn't love a cowboy hat?! 

Decor was fairly easy... lots of cowboy hats and cowboy boots.
Levi jeans and denim shirts also helped to compliment the set up. There is so much that you can do!
A cheap decor idea was to get bandannas in different colors which we used as overlays for the tables and even as chair back covers.  

2 bales of hay were used to display the gifts on! It really added to the atmosphere.

I made little signs for the tables, all with clever cowboy quips on them. 

I tried my hand at bunting. (No, not BANTING. No banting at this party. Hahaha)
For my bunting, I literally just cut out triangles with pretty cowboy print on them and pritt together. I also made little flags for the burger sliders, just to give it that some'hin, some'hin.

I loved this take of a diaper cake. My friend, Melissa, created this baby (no pun intended) all on her own. What do you think?

And then, lastly, I saw a really cute idea on how to make cowboy-looking brown paper bags on I Gotta Create. We filled them up with popcorn as a nifty thank you gift. 

Here's how I did it: 

I took a normal brown paper bag, measured off about 5 centimetres of it, and made a fold. 
I then cut strips that are about 3-4 centimeters in length. Fringe look = Check.

I cut off the sides until I just had the front and back fringes, like so: 

I then put some glue on my pretty silver "lone ranger" stars and stuck it to the front of the bag.

Took a koki and drew "stitches" on the top. And ta-daaahhhh!

 A fun time was had by all, especially my beautiful baby and her bigger pals.
I know her facial expression doesn't say "I'm having fun", but trust me, she had fun.

"Mom, why are you over there and I'm over here?!"



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