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Preggy Photoshoots: The whats hots and the whats nots featuring yours truly

A couple of months prior to birthing my beautiful baby girl (some time last year) I went for a preggy photoshoot with well known PE photographer, Nikki Moss of Cyan Studios.

I, obviously, Googled some preggy photoshoot ideas and man, some of the photos I saw literally hurt my eyeballs.
I immediately knew exactly what I wanted my shoot to look like and what I needed to avoid!
I mean, in all that is beautiful and special and lovely about being pregnancy, there are some things you just don't allow in a preggy photoshoot! Not that I'm the expert.
But see for yourself :)

I'm not a fan of my underwear being a main feature. And the drawing of the baby on her belly? 
I...I... don't quite understand.....

I definitely knew that I wasn't fond of over the top nakedness. 
Not sure what the tyre is doing in there. But yeah, that too. 

I know. Guy with gun. 
But also, the stretchmarks thing... surely there is photoshop? I know that it's part of the preggy package, but surely you want to look back and think about how gorgeous you looked? 
Well, I knew I wanted to look gorgeous in my pics! 

I get that you're still young and "party party woohoo". But not this way man. 
And again with the over the top nakedness. 
I knew I wanted to incorporate something that I really love into my shoot. 

Other thing is, why must the dad also be naked?? 
I didn't want hubstopher to be nakes, that's for sure! 

So with all of this in mind, this is what my shoot ended up looking like:

Loved the sultriness

Little nakedness haha :) 

Got some scripture and props involved, to show off who we are :) 

No stretchmarks saying hallo

No naked dad

All in all twas a good experience... give or take the 30 minutes or so where I needed to take a nap real bad! #preggyproblems

My advice to aspiring preggy-photoshoot-moms is:
1. Know what you want and get pics to show the photographer.
2. Get your hair did! Get your make up did! You need to feel beautiful and like the babe that you are!
3. Decide on whether you'd want specific props or things to feature - try to make the shoot uniquely you.
4. Take snacks and have a nap before the time! Heehee
5. Make sure your photographer has a heater in studio (weather dependant). It was quite chills on the day of our shoot and our photographers heater really helped.
6. Explain to Dad that you carry the cargo, so you are the main feature :) Dads are usually very understanding about these kinda things. He must also decide on the full extent of his nakedness in these pics.
7. Find out by your photographer if she/he has a preggy/newborn package. Some photographers have really sweeet deals where it includes your newborn photoshoot.
8. Try to remember that you're still sexy and drop dead gorgeous. So you don't have to have a cheesy "yeah, I'm a whale right now but that's okay I'll just smile" look on your face. Flirt with the camera. Try.
9. Most photographers understand that mommy can only sit in certain positions for a short period of time, before it becomes uncomfortable. Don't be too timid to speak up if you're not happy.
10. Have fun!


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