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Feature Friday: Essence Nail Polish


On Feature Friday I feature people, products or just random things that I think are pretty cool. My aim is to leave you a little bit more enlightened and inspired! And hey, I'm open to new things, so please hollar at me, if you have any pretty cool FF suggestions. 

Essence Nail Polish

Photo: essence.com

It's no secret, I'm not exactly a fashionista.
I mean, there was a time, when the younger me actually wore high heels and cute skirts and all of that. But the... uhmm "more mature", mommy-wifey me literally puts on her make up quickly in the car, en route to work, and does a happy dance when she manages to pull an outfit together that she hasn't worn a few days ago.
There are just not enough hours in my days. (And nights. Moms of small kids hollar)

But... I have found my new favorite thing. Pretty nails! 
Reasons why I love doing my nails: 
1. It's quick
2. You can do different things and not look like a mad person for following a trend
3. It gives the appearance of, "hey she must be really retro!" even though you did it at like 8pm last night, while helping your 13 year old with his homework, right after your 6 month old puked all over you. 
4. You can match your nails with your outfits
5. It looks prrrretty cool when you're typing or using your cellphone haha

I wasn't always this nail-crazy, until I was introduced to Essence nail polish. 
Instantly hooked! 
Essence nail polish has a really cool brush, which helps to spread the nail polish quicker and captures more colour on your nail. And no streaking! You can literally apply a coat with one swipe. (Swiper no swiping! haha! Moms of small kids hollar again)
And...score!... it dries really fast (which helps when my baby gets needy). 

I am also cray cray about the colours! 
I mean, there are literally tons of colours to choose from (all well named) and they make provision for those of us who are daring and want to do some colour blocking or nail art as well as those of us who prefer to keep it safe. 

I purchase mine from Clicks and rarely walk past a store without popping in to see if they have anything new/interesting. I am a bit bummed that they do not stock the Essence nail art goodies yet (well, at least not in my area), but with the trend growing quickly, I'm sure they will soon. 

The Colour and Go range has a lovely finish, nice shine and really quick drying time! 
The last really long which is also an added bonus! 
The colors I have at the moment are: 

196 I <3 my blue jeans, 190 Kiss me, Freddy, 124 Wanna say hello,
162 Dare it nude, 113 Do you speak love, 115 Redvolution and 104 Sweet as candy

Special shout out to 196 - A totally rad matte navy blue coloured polish that leaves a matte/textured effect on your nails. 
I love 104 too - Its the sweet pink polish, which is great when used for a french mani, or simply to give your nails a healthy shine. 1 coat looks really natural and 2 coats gives it a nice soft pink hue. 

Essence also has a totally shweeet The Gel range, which yes, gives your nails that fresh gel look finish. What I appreciate about it is that even though the texture is thicker, due to the gel finish, it doesn't peel off after a few days! I literally apply 1 coat and it lasts up to a week... longer, on occasion! 
These are the ones I've tried so far: 

06 Space queen, 44 On air!, 37 Serendipity, Gel-Look Top Coat

I really loved the sparkly ones, since I could then colour block with effect :) 
Easy peasy! 
I use the gel-look top coat as a top coat when applying the colour&go range, to give it that gel look. 

I also have the mini UV lamp and the "Gel nails at home" top coat. 
My sister bought them, not knowing that there are a couple of other things that are meant to go with it. 
So I'd really like to get all the goodies and test it out at home! 
Imagine that... gel nails at home! 
Love it! 

So that's my FF for this week. 
I will be showcasing my (super easy) "Totally Fab Nails in 10 Minutes" soon! 
So stay tuned :) 


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