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Tonsils are a conundrum

Hello there, and please accept my not-so-cleverly named post for all that its worth.
It has been a rough couple of weeks!

Well, it all started last week... uhmmm last week? week before that?
See! I don't even know what year it is any more!
Any ways, it started a while back when my lovely son came home with a head ache and sore throat, which then spontaneously combusted into a full on intense attack of tonsillitis.
My baby boy had a fever that brought on hallucinations and nightmares... for him, not me.
I even had to rush him to the hospital at one point!
Not nice.
He missed 4 whole days of school and stayed in bed over an entire weekend.
When he was finally better, I breathed a sigh of relief.... but not for long.

The next Thursday, I felt a little ummm qualm in the back of my throat, and chose to ignore it.
By the time Thursday night arrived, I realized that the qualm had mutated into one of those giant ogres that you find in.... (okay I was going to reference a movie here, but I don't watch movies any more).... just trust me, it was really big okay!
I had like these, cold shivers... literally freezing down to the core of my core!
Any ways, the doctor said that I have tonsillitis and that I had picked it up from my son! Who knew it could be contagious?! Shocking.
Doctor says that tonsils actually play a particularly important role in your body... I think it protects your throat or something. So he isn't to keen on getting them removed. Go figure.

Any ways, that was on Friday. Its Monday today, and I am still not eating properly, I have crazy dizzy spells and my throat feels as if someone shoved a sock down into it.

I need this feeling to end like, right NOW, please.
And thank you.



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