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Born for this

So a group of peeps and I did this AMAZING floetry piece titled "Born for this" a few months ago.
Floetry... is like, uhm... poetry and music... mixed.
A flowing poem.
A floem.
So the initial concept stemmed from a chorus that I had written a very long time ago, but could not seem to be able to compose verses that fit it!
Enter: Yolande Kwinana.
Yolande is a very talented and anointed Poet, who writes the most AMAZING Christian 'spoken word'. Anyways, Yolande then managed to rally together a team of equally amazing writers, namely Shane Erasmus (songwriter), Gavin Hendricks (rapper) and Tarquin Adams (poet) and together we wrote the floem "Born for this".

Now I would LOVE to share all the lyric with you but I only have mine and that's what I actually want to speak about today.
It goes:
"I know of a champion, who calls me His champion
He's given me purpose, now I'll never quit.
I've met a dream giver who's filled me with dreams for
A future of greatness, its clear now
I was born for this"

Okay the reason why this is on my heart today is because I have been thinking about destiny, purpose and just life in general.
What is my purpose? What am I meant to be doing, Lord? Why am I here?
I know what I'd like to have in my life. Am I meant to have it?

Its so easy to be disappointed when your life is not going the way YOU planned for it to go.
I mean, I know that I am guilty of this... don't know about any of ya'll.
But at the end of the day... does this even make sense?

We were created to serve God and to please Him.
And when we please Him and surrender our lives... then we will get the desires of our hearts.
It even says so in the Bible: "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and everything will be added to you."

Our unhappiness stems from us trying to please ourselves first... If God is not in the centre of it, then it WILL NOT be satisfying... Temporary satisfaction vs Eternal gratification.
Yoh, big words :)
We base our needs on what we see on TV or in magazines or on the Internet!
I am guilty of comparing my life to other peoples and feeling jealous/bitter/sad about it.
I mean, peeps, what does this even mean?
Why would we want to be like each other?
I don't want to be like you!
I want to be like me!

God says that He has big plans for us... plans to prosper us and not to harm us. (Jeremiah 29:11)
All we need to do is ask Him what those plans are, instead of trying to figure it out on our own.
HIS plan for you is what you were born for.
HIS plan for you is the reason why you are here.
Walking in HIS plan for you can prosper you and not harm you.


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