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Okay, I know I've been quiet. I'm sorry, okay?!
What have I been doing with my time, you ask?

Lets start at the beginning.

Ya'll know that I am getting married in December, right?
Well I have been trying to figure out ways to raise money towards said event.
Someone suggested us hosting a stall at a market day, which meant we had to brainstorm as to what we would then sell at our stall.
And voila! Just like that BaraBara was born.

BaraBara is the name of my sweeeeeet little crafts business that I have recently started. This baby 'o mine kinda just fell into place when I decided to design and create some customized, hand made Fathers Day cards to sell at the market day. Since then it has boomed into more. Well... "boom" is a bit, uhm exageratable :)
But lets just say, people be hollaring at me! *flips gang sign*

In Hebrew, the word "bara" means "to create out of nothing". When God created the world, in Genesis, the word "bara" was used. I liked that. God created the whole entire universe out of nothing! Its all Him! Its all His doing and His ability and His creativity. God is like, the most creativest being EVER! I mean, He made you and I... He designed and crafted our bodies! WOW! Anyways, so He made me in His image, and I can do all things through Him and because of Him.... so I named my little crafts business "BaraBara" because HIS creativity is MY creativity. I cant do it without Him.

With that said, please see some of my handy work below.
I feel like a proud Momma! :)

Fathers Day Cards
Fathers Day Cards

Birthday Invitations
Placecards for a Birthday party

Birthday Invitations
40th Birthday VIP Cocktail party

Fathers Day Cards
More Fathers Day

Fathers Day Cards
Fathers Day again :)

Farewell Cards
Farewell/Bon Voyage card


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