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Outfit Post

Good morrow fair bloggers!

I am wearing some old and some new today (dontcha love mixing and matching) and felt inspired to take some pics to show you.
Please note my EXCELLENT "remove the extended arm that is actually taking the self portrait" cropping. I am such a pro.


1. My new owl studs. They are STUNNINGKKK!
2. My new copper bracelet. I love this because a.) It has pretty flower pendants and b.) It makes a noise when I move my arm. Score.
3. My favorite scarf, as seen in previous outfit posts. The colors are fabulouso. Makes me feel like a gypsy minus the caravan.
4. My new grey blazer. Purchased from, duhhh Mr Price. Love the turn-up on the sleeve. So fetch.
5. Black pants. Its a staple.
6. My ever faithful pink sequined pumps. They are SOOOO "Oz". How fitting since I wish I could knock my feet together and say "there's no place like home" RIGHT NOW actually.

Anyways, that's me in a nutshell today.

I am going forth and multiplying positivity!
Spread a little love today ya'll!

Peace out!


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