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A houndstooth kinda Winter

Yo yo yiggidy yo!

I've been quiet lately because I've been sooo uber busy!
Exams and studies and work and LIFE has me pencilling in nap times to my schedule.
And to top it all of I think I am getting the flu.
Wait, scrap that.
I'm not getting the flu, I'm not getting the flu, I'm not getting the flu.

Todays' post is allll about the new Winter fad: Houndstooth.
I must admit, being a safe dresser (who opts for solids, instead of patterns), when I first saw the houndstooth patterned clothing in the upcoming Winter collections, I was literally like: "ohhh kay."
But the zig zag/"I'm a block, but I'm not really" pattern is totally growing on me, to the point where I actually went out and bought some for myself!

Designers like Tommy Hilfiger have implemented this old but totally sassy print into their Winter 2013 collections and some of the stars have followed suite - spotted donning their best houndstoothelicious garbs.

And finally, my 2 houndstooth items, purchased at the very exclusive Monsier Pricae ;)



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