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Still Standing

Whew... I cant believe I made it through my birthday in one piece.
It was an eventful day... not necessarily all good though.
I don't know what is going on in the spiritual realm, but in the natural, things are just going W.R.O.N.G.
But Chris and I have chosen to STAND ... and not let these crappy situations get us down.
Clearly we are doing something right, if we are getting attacked by the enemy this much.
Like, for reals!

1stly lets not even get into the fact that we are paying off a huge wedding!
Then my car refuses to work... its like one thing after the other, THEN Chris's car starts giving problems. A week later, my laptop breaks while I am busy completing 2 major assignments and then to top it off, yesterday, on my 30th birthday, I get home from work to find that they've broken into my house.
They stole some of my clothes, my sons games and electronics etc.
I didn't check what else is gone yet... hopefully nothing!
We couldn't sleep at home last night because its not safe... the window that was pried open is not safe at the moment, so my landlord has to fix it today.

But you know what... hahahhaha I am laughing all the way to the metaphorical bank.
Because none of this... NOTHING... can separate us from the destiny that God has preplanned.
Nothing can cancel the promises He has made us.

All things work for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose!
That's what it says in Romans and that's what is inscribed on our hearts!

So we choose to STAND!
We choose to PRAISE!
We choose JOY over sorrow and sadness!
We choose PEACE over worrying and stressing!
We choose GODS WAY over the solutions of the world!
We choose what HE has for us... even though it looks like our worlds are turning upside down!

If you feel like you're going through adversities or hardship today, put your trust in Jesus.
Yeah yeah yeah how cliche of me.
But I really want you to realize how awesome God is... We are His! We belong to Him!
And He wants nothing but the best for us.
So choose to believe that!
And choose to stand on who HE is, and not what your situation is telling you!

No sorrow is greater than Gods reward!
He is ALWAYS good to us!

"When I don't understand... I choose You, God!"


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