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Oh hello there!

It is I!!!
The Phantom of the Opera!!!!
But not really :) Its actually me, Luchae.
Fooled ya!
Hahahaha Yeah, its been a while.
But thats because my awsome I.T. guy at work blocked my access to blogger.
The audacity!

Anyways, I managed to get some internet access, and here I am!
God is still faithful and life is still good! Even when it doesnt feel like it, right?

Today I have some Ear Artery for your eyes... Please meet my friends: The very-expensive-so-I-didnt-buy-them gold and diamante prophetic owls!

I waaaaaaaaaaaant
I met these buddies at the Johannesburg airport last month and I think I literally yelled AAAACK outloud, in the shop.
People turned to stare.
It was awkward.
But hey, I didnt care, I was to busy taking a pic and posting it to my Whatsapp Family Group chat group...
coz thats how I roll.
Anyways, I wont flood your brain with another explanation of why I love owls sooo much.
Heres a link to a previous post, for you to enjoy :) ------> click here ok

Anyways, I'm about to set up my email thingy so that I can mail my posts to my blog.
Fellow blogger/family member JustEllaBella tolds me about it!
Wish me luck ya'll.


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