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Its time to chill...

Winter.. or Autumn?
Or Winter.
I don't know... its getting really cold soon.
And because of this, and boredom and because we need new clothes, Chris and I checked out the very awesome and user friendly Mr Price website.
Its so fetch.

Anyways, so we kinda picked out clothes for each other.
I know, some of them don't maybe match or make sense, but hey we think it'll look cute on each other, okay!
I think that we really love each of these pieces individually, more than as an ensemble.

Our favorites?

For Him - I love the red hoody because I don't know what to say except that I love it. 
For Her - The jeans, because I know it'll look good on my fiancee. :) 

(aww a man of very few words but still... awwww)
For Him - Love the Brooklyn shirt and the arm bands. Totally cute and the colors are so Autumn/Winter-ish. 
For Her - The blazer. The cross. The bracelet. The shirt. The jeans. The pumps.

See style board below.
Isn't it inspiring?
Our pleasure.


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