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Ear Art: Woot Woot!

Wait, do owls really go "woot woot"?
Or did I just make that up?

Anyways, I'm back again with yet another post about my favorite kinda jewelery: Owl bedecked ones!
Firstly can I once again swoon about Mr Price... Man I love this store.
Its funky and affordable and, well, its my kinda store!

I picked up this snack pack of studs (okay now I'm hungry all of a sudden) for just R39.99 and all of these studs are super duper cute and quaint! (cuaint? qute?)

Clip Note: Please excuse my totally horrendous Black Berry camera picture quality. For some reason my phones camera does not want to focus on stuff. I dont know. "It's lost it's focus" bwahahahahah.
Ok I'm done now.

See below:


Of course my favorite ones aren't on there, because I had them in my hears already haha :)
They are these beautiful, and really dainty owl studs ---->


I love owls, coz like I said in previous posts, they are symbolic of the prophetic and I'm that kinda girl! So yeah, its a big score for me!
What do you think about them?

Happy Wednesday folks!

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