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Things to do and places to go!

So I'm in a very humid, wet, Johannesburg, on training for the week.
Well, make that week and a half.
My company has decided to make me cleverer and with that comes a couple of trips to Jozi and lots of exams and tests and assignments and studying and hey, I even have a pencil bag now!

Wedding plans have been put on hold... well, okay, it cant really be put on hold, since I've basically planned every single aspect of it, and just have to pay suppliers and the venue, to seal the deal. :)

Oh and BTW, packing was a bit of a ...uhm... situation.
Yes, I packed 8 pairs of shoes and half of my jewelry.
(see pic below).
Whaaaat? A girls got to be prepared!
Yes, my earrings are beeootiful :)

My precioussssssss

Anyways, what I think I'm meant to say here is this:
All the things happening this year are all totally unexpected and some of them not even a part of my game plan! It leaves you feeling "whaa?"
But who am I to say that whatever Gods got planned is not the plan for me?

"Gods spirit beckons! There are things to do and places to go!" - Romans 8:14 

God sometimes takes us on unexpected, random journeys... through life, through places, through ideas, through people...
We may not always understand where His spirit is leading us to, but when we go where His spirit leads us, there will surely be victory!

And again I say: 
If He is leading, and you are following, there is no way that you will not be a winner!

Every single moment is predetermined and every single situation is an opportunity to learn and to grow.

Soooo... howzabout it? :)
Take a chance and give it all to Him!


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