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Cold Sore alert! (and its not even cold)

Ever wake up with a tingling on your lips... and no, I'm not talking about passionate kisses.
I woke up with the worlds ugliest cold sore evaaaa!
This thing was so ugly, it needed to be contained and thrown into a deep, dark pit of fire.
I, of course, did what any rational human being would do in a dilemma such as this:
I Googled a solution!

Anyways, so Mr Googley advised me to:
- Drink Lysine tablets (uhm... I don't do soft drugs.)
- Rub salt (literally in my wounds)
- Soak my lip in alcohol (those days are long behind me, buddy)
- Rub someones pee in it. I know, right?
- Apply ice
- Buy some cold sore ointment.

The last one is the one that made more sense to me, so I got me some Acitop at the chemist.
I didn't need a prescription for it, so that was pretty cool already. I knew I had found a winner.
I dabbed on a little  a heck of a lot and sat at my desk at work, looking like I had rabies.
Hey, I'm not complaining coz within half an hour, the big green ugly monster seemed to shrink.
I am now sitting with a small little blister/bump, that needs to be dried out.
The worst is over folks.

Anyways, so I decided to contact Mr Googley again to finds ways to dry up the blister.
I was advised to:
- Mix salt and toothpaste, apply and walk around like that
- Mix alcohol with something and do something with it (I stopped reading after alcohol)
- Apply some nail polish remover every few hours

Yep, you guessed it, I am currently sitting with a cutex-remover-lip.
It actually really works ya'll!
Apparently the acetone, in the remover, dries the blister right on up.
Obviously you need to take precaution and I have been applying Labello to the area around the infected part, so that the remover does not affect my skin etc.
But so far so good.

Lets hope for the best!!

Cold Sore
See? See?


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