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Orange is the new black

This weekend we had our Family Group year end function at a fancy beach front eatery called Squires with dessert at good ol Wimpy. The theme was: Snazzy and Sneakers - so we all teamed up our formal wear with sneakers (or "tekkies" as they are called in South Africa).

We took advantage of the occasion and got a professional photographer in to take some Family Group pics. Yay! I love taking pics! lol I shall upload some soonish.

I wore a black boob tube dress and my favorite orange blazer.

I paired this with black leather high tops (bought them in Cape Town at a bargain). I exchanged laces for a pair of bright orange ones.
Love this color! Its soooo Summer!

Had to make sure my nails matched. Loving this color block nails thing. So fetch. :)
(Yes, I'm still trying to make "fetch" happen hahahaha)
See my rose tatoo. I spent the night telling random guys that its real. And that I did it myself.
I cant believe I'm so convincing :)

Happy Monday!


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