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Standing out...

Hello there :)
So I'm still on my bright colours trip and found these really awesome leggings while surfing the net (at Mr Price of course) and they are only 70 bux! I know, right?
I had to find at least 4 shirts to wear with it, before actually going to the store and making the purchase.
Well, because I don't do bright colours, so I kinda need to feel "safe" and know that I can still do a neutral top, without looking like Bozo the Clown.
No offence Bozo.
Neutral is my safe place hahahahahahahaha.

What do you think about these tops?
Top 1: Its lacey on the top and I think the sweetheart cut is darling.
Top 2: Its a crochety type of thing. Super cute.
Top 3: Crotchet - which is in this season. Its a bit to short for jeggings tho. I'm not 12 anymore :)
Top 4:  Cute for a night out, right? Sooo fetch!
All these tops are 60bucks guys!
I love Mr Price because of this very fact :)
Loving it!



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