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The lucky ones


Happy Monday! 
See our pretty pic :) 
God gave me this scripture last week. 
It is SO relevant to where we are at right now...
We are expecting such an awesome breakthrough... Anticipation is building!
Something’s going to explode pretty soon! 

Are you trust God for something? 
Do you know that it’s not over until He says it’s over? 
God makes it all work out for our good and for His glory! 
Give every single situation to Him, and take your hands off the wheel! 
And then... do the one thing I am soooo learning to be good at: 
Just wait. Wait in eager anticipation and expectation. 
Wait, knowing completely that He’s got this.
Waiting on the Lord builds our faith and faith is what pleases God most. 
"Those who wait around for Him are the lucky ones"

He loves us!
And He wants the best for us!
Hallelujah! : )


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