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My Style - The nude platform and blazer

So I frequent Pinterest alot lately, and I've seen some really awesome style boards, which got me thinking about my own personal style board :)
I know I'm not exactly a fashionista (anymore) and I'd rather opt for comfortable than fashionable, but I think its time to shake things up abit around these here parts!
With that said, let me introduce one of my loves at the moment:
I am a day late for Tuesdays are shoesdays, but please meet the STUNNING nude Sissyboy platform, spotted at Edgars for R399.99!

nude platform
I am inlove.
I want I want I waaaaaaaaaaant!
Besides for it being really pretty, its also really comfortable, because the platform makes for better uhmmm leverage and its padded inside. Oh yes it is!

I am also really drooling over the drool-worthy blazers I've seen around.
I really want a dark blue one, but for this weeks style board, I've opted for a pretty beige one.
All the items on my board are from Mr Price (minus the Sissyboy heel, of course) and are really reasonably priced!
I love Mr Price :)

nude styleboard

Yours in (almost) fashion


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