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Happy Birfday Laila!

It was my beautiful niece's 5th birthday last Thursday, and in between running around for our annual Arise women's conference (which I will tell you about tomorrow) and work and rehearsals and and and, I managed to throw her a leeeetle birthday party.
I printed a couple of "Happy Birthday" banners, got some snacks, made some party hats and cupcakes and ta daaa!

She loved it!
I'm guessing the doll and other cute gifts were also a contribution to her excitement...
But hey! my hat, banners and cupcakes were the main reason, OK! :)

I was in such a rush and had this ingenious idea of baking a choc cake with chocolate muffin mix (oh yes I did), but I think I added to much oil. See the explosion below. It still tasted great tho! And I didn't have to share hahaha

The kids were hungry so I made em some spider spaghetti and ended up making some of my fabulous Molto Gustoso Secret Pasta for my mom, sister and I.
All in all, it was a good day.

Happy Monday ya'll!
The Birthday Girl
Rahiem wearing my remarkable diy hat :)
See the hearts :)
Cake explosion
Nom Nom Nom spider spaghetti


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