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Hello, God? Its me, Luchae...

This past weekend was amazingly wonderfully terrible but in a good way.
I joined my family group on a Women's Encounter Camp that totally kicked my butt.
The church runs these camps every few months and although I've been on countless Youth Encounters (because I am a leader), Ive never ever been on a Women's Encounter. Shocking, but so true.

So the camp is part of, what our church calls the "journey to freedom"... and so adequately named, because when I left on Sunday afternoon, I felt like a totally new person! My mindset had been sifted and shifted!

Okay, let me begin at the kinda sorta beginning.
Friday night was awesome (besides for the food). Our Pastors (all female, of corse) encouraged us to put down all our fears and start facing our "issues" in the pie hole :)
I had then realized that I am constantly running AROUND my issues because "I just don't have the time" to deal with them. God showed me this huge massive tidal wave and told me that He wants to seep into the deepest crevices of my heart and wash away everything that is not of him. He asked me to allow Him to heal me.
I was like... "uhmm... ohhhhkayyyy"...
Yeah, I know I shoulda been excited.
But who wants to face your own personal demons head on?!

Saturday was phenomenal... also besides for the ABCDlicious food :)
We had many a chats and a group session and had a really awesome encounter with the cross and what Jesus had to go through for us - how He was tortured and mocked and humiliated. It was such a great revelation for me...
Lash after lash, He kept getting up and taking more.
He didn't have to take on that great pain and burden, but He did.
This must mean that I am pretty amazing to deserve that. Hectic.
It made me question lots of things... like, am I taking the cross for granted?
Do I live my life in such a way that shows all He has sacrificed for me? 

Saturday night was a deliverance session and we were all set free from soooo many things. The enemy had planted stuff so deep in my subconscious, that I didn't even know about it until the Pastor prayed for it! God kept showing me the ocean wave and that He wants to overtake me and Ive just got to let go and allow Him to sweep me away.

Sunday morning, I received a word from one of the camp leaders. She said that God says I am fighting battles and tiring myself out for nothing! Because He's gots this. And that its my time to just rest and let go now. My portion is not strife, my portion is rest.
I need to rest and allow Him to fight for me.
That was something so simple but so powerful.

Anyways... I feel revived and closer to God than ever before.
And yes, I am learning how to take a chill pill :)

Yours in total rest,


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