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Photo Challenge Day 20: Something I like/love

This past Sunday was Fathers Day, and it so happens to coincide with the photo challenge of finding a pic of something I like slash love.

Well, people of the Blog, I like/love what a good dad Chris has been to our boys.
Besides for being exceptional with his own son, Seth, and being uber patient where I would NOT be... He has taken Kyle into his heart and never ever grumbles or moans or gives off hints that Kyle is MY son and not HIS problem.

He scolds Kyle when scolding needs to happen, and loves him like all the time, and teaches him the ways of a "man"... (more like, the ways of a NERD... Ive never seen 2 more nerdier people)... and he is over all just a super human with a very very big heart.
I never feel like I'm in this whole "parenting job" :) alone.
Its so awsome to have someone to look across at with a "DID YOU JUST SEE WHAT THAT BOY DID!" expression and know that they get you and they got your back. 

I am so blessed to have him in our lives and could not have asked for better!
God really knew what He was doing :)
I am SO thankful!

Happy Fathers Day babe! You're one of a kind and perfect for us! 


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